Wentworth Street

A comparatively new street and planned in 1896. Originally there was some doubt about the suitability of the name which the Malton Urban District Council did not approve at its meeting in November 1896. [1]
The Council believed that the building of these houses would reduce the overcrowding in the district 'but many old houses exist which should cease to be occupied when they become vacant.' [2] The first six houses were built in 1897 [3]

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Properties for Sale
Nos 13 & 14

No 40 Wentworth-street and the 5 houses adjoining (numbers 39 to 35) were offered at auction in June 1913. They were all held under lease from Earl Fitzwilliam for 99 years from 6th April 1897. The total gross annual rental was then said to be 82 6s [1] Numbers 13 and 14 were up for auction in 1922 [2]

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Six Newly Erected Cottages

Six newly erected COTTAGES, situate in Wentworth Street, Malton (being the fourth block from the north end of the street), now occupied by Messrs. Jackson, Cooke, Waller, Gibbs, Ellis and Bielby and numbered 17 - 22 in the said street. The cottages are of improved modern design, well built, and finished, and each contains front sitting-room, kitchen, scullery, larder, and three bedrooms, with yard and out offices, and produce a rental of £70 4s per annum. This lot is leasehold under the Earl Fitzwilliam for 99 years from the 6th day of April 1897 at the ground rent of 30 shillings a year for the block.

HUGH W. and R. PEARSON, Malton The Vendors' Solicitors August 13th 1901

Yorkshire Post & Leeds Intelligencer, 24 August 1901

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